It was the love and passion for the brand which connected Volkswagen clubs from across the UAE and KSA to create the first Middle East Volkswagen Club gathering. This simple idea sparkled so much excitement that the gathering was implemented in April 2017, and Dub Drive was born.


Thanks to the support of Volkswagen Middle East, it took less than two months for the dream come to come alive. The event was a huge success for the region, seeing over 150 Volkswagen cars and over 300 people attend, making it the largest gathering of Volkswagen enthusiasts from all corners of the region to date.


Dub Drive has taken inspiration from an old tradition, Wörthersee GTI Club Treffen, which is the largest Volkswagen GTI event in the world. The festival started off over 38 years ago in a small village at lake Wörthersee in Austria by a few Volkswagen fans meeting up, showcasing their cars and exchanging stories. Since then, the event has grown into a 3 week-long festival attended by hundreds of thousands of Volkswagen fans from all over Europe, and is now officially supported by Volkswagen AG.


Dub Drive is just at the start of its existence, yet thanks to the fantastic success of the previous editions it has earned it’s spot on the annual Volkswagen Middle East calendar. The aim of Dub Drive is simple: to unite and reward Volkswagen clubs and fans across the region and to celebrate the love for the brand, the cars and what Volkswagen stands for. The event is certainly on the right path to become even stronger and better year on year – we all hope you will come and join the family and create this unforgettable story with us.